SeeMe - AI Store

For some weeks, I have been building the foundations of what I dream to become an AI App store:

The Goal

Easily build, consume and share world-class AI models via the web, Docker, an api or the SeeMe mobile app.

1. Build

Build your own world-class models for your own private/internal use.

2. Consume

Our AI store will host a range of useful models you can easily integrate.

3. Share

Share your AI models with the world for fun and profit in the Seeme AI Store.

Current status

Right now, we are focussed on delivering you fully automated computer vision models, to quickly test, validate and show off your computer vision ideas…

To create a vision proof of concept, you simply type the classes/products/objects you want to be able to recognize. Once that is done, SeeMe will take care of data, training and deployment of the model so you can quickly start classifying images on the web, via docker, api or the SeeMe mobile app.

We aim to keep this process under 10 minutes, so you can quickly start recognizing items in the real world.

Don’t forget

We realize these vision proof of concepts will not be perfect, but the point is to validate and demo your ideas quickly.

(Obviously, a lot will depend on how well you are able to describe what you want to see, so try to be as precise as you can be.)


Meanwhile, we are working on making sure you can turn that idea into a real, world-class computer vision model! Our notebook to create image classifiers has been tested on a number of occasions, and seems to deliver.

Object detection is in the works, but not as smooth as we feel it should be.

Additionally, we have started filling our AI store with a collection of pre-built models for you to use.

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