9 awesome artificial intelligence and machine learning podcasts you should subscribe to

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0. Introduction

I listen to a lot of podcasts while running or in the car and a great deal of those are related to machine learning and artificial intelligence, each providing their own take on the subjects.

Whether you are new or experienced, a practioner or just interested in real-world applications, there is probably a podcast that suites your needs and interests. In this blog post, I have listed the podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis, described what they are about and added my favorite episode.

1. Machine Learning Guide

logo: Machine Learning Guide

If you are new to machine learning and are looking for a podcast to pace you through its concepts, the “Machine Learning Guide” is a great place to get you started. Tackling all aspects of Machine Learning, it also provides tons of great resources for you to dive deeper on every topic.

My favorite episode so far:
I have been wanting to look into Reinforcement Learning for quite some time now, and this post gives a tonne of great information and resources to dive into the topic: 29. Reinforcement Learning Intro

Link - Machine Learning Guide Podcast
Twitter - @lefnire

2. Machine learning - Software Engineering Daily

logo: Machine learning - Software Engineering Daily

Another great podcast from the makers of SE Daily, this time focussing on machine learning. Topics range from applications and companies to interviewing framework authers, with a focus on a practical side of machine learning.

My favorite episode so far:
Exploring practical deep learning at “the edge”, collecting, training, deploying and updating data and models: Edge Deep Learning with Aran Khanna

Link - Machine Learning – Software Engineering Daily
Twitter - @software_daily

3. Linear Digressions

logo: Linear Digressions

One of the ML podcasts that is always top of my listening list, discussing a broad range of topics concerning AI from technical details and techniques to “how to hire a professional data scientist team”.

My favorite episode so far:
Having a soft spot for anything related to content generation based on AI, this one was a no brainer: Auto-generating websites with deep learning

Link - Linear Digressions
Twitter - @LinDigressions

4. This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Podcast (TWiML&AI)

logo: TWiML&AI

My weekly appointment with to quote “great minds and ideas from the world of AI”, TWiML&AI interviews top people from research and industry with a focus on practical use cases of AI & ML in the real world.

My favorite episode so far:
Machines are powerful calculators, but can easily be fooled, a great talke with Ian Goodfellow and Sandy Huang on how Reinforcement Learning agents can be misled: Adversarial Attacks Against Reinforcement Learning Agents with Ian Goodfellow & Sandy Huang

Link - TWiML&AI
Twitter - @samcharrington

5. Artificial Intelligence in Industry with Dan Faggella

logo: Artificial Intelligence in Industry with Dan Faggella

With a focus on AI in and for business, Dan serves a weekly show discussing practical applications of machine learning.

My favorite episode so far:
A great example of real world machine learning problem solving, Dan discusses what is possible in legal contract review: Applying AI to Legal Contracts - What’s Possible Now

Link - Artificial Intelligence in Industry with Dan Faggella
Twitter - @TechEmergence

6. Learning Machines 101

logo: Learning Machines 101

Learning Machines provides in-depth technical podcasts on more advanced topics. I would recommend this for more advanced listeners.

My favorite episode so far:
Even though this episode is a rerun, understanding gradient descent puts you a step forward in your deep/machine learning track: LM101-065: How to Design Gradient Descent Learning Machines (Rerun)

Link - Learning Machines 101
Twitter - @lm101talk

7. Talking Machines

logo: Talking machines

Talking Machines offers an easy to access view in the world of machine learning, talking to experts and discussing industry news.

My favorite episode so far:
The one where they talk about the difference between data science and machine learning, and where to get started: Getting a Start in ML and Applied AI at Facebook

Link - Talking Machines
Twitter - @TlkngMchns

8. O’Reilly data show

logo: O’Reilly data show

Weekly interviews on big data and data science, discussing all the hot topics with experienced practioners. A must add to your machine learning listening list.

My favorite episode so far:
There is a lot going on around Tensorflow, but I really like playing around with PyTorch as well: Why AI and machine learning researchers are beginning to embrace PyTorch

Link - O’Reilly Data Show
Twitter - @oreillymedia

9. Data Skeptic

logo: Data Skeptic

A podcast featuring introductory and high-level concepts in the world of data science, as well as some longer interviews with both researchers and practioners, all still very accessible even if you have limited experience.

My favorite episode so far:
Whenever you hear about deep learning, “a lot of data” is one of the pre-requisites for a good solution. One shot learning, however, allows you to learn from a handful of labeled examples: One Shot Learning

Link - Data Skeptic
Twitter - @DataSkeptic

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