AI and Deep Learning for developers


This is a 1 day training with 2-4 hours of preparation.


In this academy we will build a world class image recognition model and deploy it in a web app.

The example below classifies people with or without glasses, but you can choose whatever you want to recognize.

Example computer vision web app


This academy takes you through every step of building a world-class image classifier, from idea to putting it into production.

Top down

Our approach is top down and hands-on, starting with a first model and gradually explaining more and more concepts when you need them to make your deep learning model better.

99% boilerplate

We limit the slides to an absolute minimum and get our hands dirty while learning. The code is 9% written out for you (and fully documented), so you only need to tweak while experimenting.


There will be time to practice and ask questions. At the end of the day, we will show you the broader picture and prepare you to take the next step.


The target audience is people who want to get a hands-on experience building a world-class computer vision system, and learning all the details along the way.


Given the hands on nature of the academy, we expect you to come prepared so we can dive straight in. Prior to the academy, you will receive links to an article and some notebooks you will have to study/run through. Expect to spend between 2 and 4 hours on preparation.

Upcoming sessions

[Full] October, 28 @ Agoria Brussels

October, 31 @ Agoria Antwerp

November, 8 @ Agoria Brussels

[Full] November, 15 @ Agoria Gent

December, 11 @ PXL

Host your own?

Would you like to host this academy for your audience, or internally at your company?

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